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KF Centre for Excellence

Kelowna, Canada
KF Aerospace
Surface area
9000 sq ft / 800 sq m
Completion date
Photo — Royce Sihlis

The KF Centre for Excellence offers an exciting journey into the world of aviation to visitors of all ages — from plane spotters to would-be engineers to the simply curious!

From unique vantage points and perspectives — up high, down low, inside and out — the exhibition tells the story of aviation in the Okanagan Valley.


EOS Lightmedia, 3DS, NGX

Photo — Shaun Talbot
Photo — Shaun Talbot
A legacy for the region

Founded by pilot and aircraft maintenance engineer Barry Lapointe in 1970, KF Aerospace (KFA) is a successful Canadian aerospace company located in Kelowna, British Columbia. To celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary and promote aviation to a wide audience, the founder decided to create the KF Centre for Excellence.

Photo — KF Aerospace

Barry Lapointe with his aircraft in 1968.

Photo — Royce Sihlis
Photo — Royce Sihlis
Tying the story together

The exhibition invites visitors to embark on an experience from ground to sky as they explore the story of aviation in the Okanagan Valley. Each exhibit zone features a group of related topics, ranging from the anatomy of an aircraft to aerial firefighting to airport systems. A connection is made between the growth of local aviation and the growth of the region.

Photo — Royce Sihlis
Photo — Royce Sihlis
Education & Inspiration

Although the first plane was invented over a century ago, there is still something incredible about an aircraft taking off and landing! Through a series of playful interactives, visitors learn about the science of flying as they explore the principles of aerodynamics and mechanics of a plane engine.

We opted for a streamlined, airy creative approach for the design, inspired by vintage aviation posters, planes, airports, and open skies.

Photo — Royce Sihlis

We were able to talk about science and the industry, and also tell personal stories that show how aviation touches all of our lives

Erika Kiessner

Creative Director

Photo — Royce Sihlis
A passion for the craft

Focused on learning, this educational experience aims to share Barry Lapointe’s passion and dreams with a wide audience — from plane spotters to younger visitors who may have their sights set on a career in the aviation industry.

Photo — Royce Sihlis

We partnered with EOS Lightmedia, 3DS, and NGX — all based in British Columbia — to deliver an exhibition with strong ties to the region. The KF Aerospace team were very involved in the construction process, giving us access to their warehouse, and lending a hand with the fabrication and installation. We also collaborated with Kelowna International Airport, right beside the Centre, to design an interactive display about airport systems.

Photo — Royce Sihlis
Photo — Royce Sihilis


KF Aerospace mandated GSM Project to design a visitor experience for its new KF Centre for Excellence, showcasing the aerospace industry and rich history of aviation in the Okanagan Valley. The goal was to reach and inspire a wide audience of all ages.