So how do you change someone anyway?

By creating experiences that resonate at an emotional level; that challenge what they think and bring them to a deeper understanding.

We think that’s huge. Here’s how we do it.

Put content first

Design and technology are just methods of communication. Helping people understand: that’s our goal.

To do that, we need to script our exhibitions very carefully and make sure that our means of delivery add to, rather than distract from, a deeper understanding.

A journey to the top of the world

Burj Khalifa

How do you add to the pure sensation of travelling to the top of the world’s tallest building? By helping visitors understand the forces behind its rise from the desert floor.

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Make it all about them

No surprise here: your visitors are important to you. To us, they’re all that matter.

We put the visitors at the centre of everything we do, always looking for new ways to ensure that their experience will be memorable, emotional, and engaging.

What forces shape you?

Star Wars™ Identities

In order to ensure that all visitors would have a memorable experience (and not just the fans), we took the Star Wars theme of human identity and made it universal.

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Ensure it's viable

An experience that doesn’t sustain itself doesn’t reach anyone. You want maximum value from your investment, and we want an exhibition with a long and healthy lifespan.

We ensure that viability is built-in every step of the way, so that your project can thrive for years to come.

Do I have what it takes to be an astronaut?

The Cosmodome

How do you generate repeat visits, so critical to your museum’s survival, when you’re based in a mid-sized market? By developing a personalized immersive experience that’s different every time you visit.

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Take a calculated risk

Great things don’t come from playing it safe. We need to take creative risks in order to make something special. We can take these risks with our eyes wide open, and from the solid footing of our collective experience, but let’s take them. And great things will follow.

700 years of history in one innovative gallery

Singapore History Gallery

Imagine an entire gallery with no printed text. Seventy five thousand square feet, and not a single printed word. We turned a daunting design spec into a hugely enriching component of the visitor experience.

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Put our heads together

You know your business and your audience; we know how to create memorable experiences. Amazing things can happen when we work together, defining objectives, collaborating openly, leaving no stone unturned. Only together can we create a richer, more rewarding visitor experience. Get in touch. We’re ready when you are.

A new look for natural history

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

The oldest museum in Singapore needed to modernize in time for its move into a new building. Working closely with the museum’s researchers and specialists, and the project’s architects, we created a global landmark.

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