Meet the team

Amal Abu

Graphic Designer

André Lavallée

Head, Exhibit and Scenography

Andrea Anastasiou

English Copywriter

Anne Le Bouyonnec

Producer, Media & Interactive

Anne Plamondon

Project Director

Anne-Sophie Foucault

Project Coordinator

Annie Chèvrefils

Team Leader, Production Manager

Annie Derome

Chief Executive Officer, General Manager

Arun Ashok


Audrey Gilbert

Project Coordinator

Carla El-Samra

Business Development Manager

Catherine Cattoen

Marketing Manager

Catherine Forand

Art Director

Eric Demay

Creative Director & Head of Interactive Design

Erika Kiessner

Interactive Designer

Esther Parn

Exhibition Designer

Eve-Lyne Cayouette-Ashby

Head of Content

Fabien Lasserre

Head, Plans and Specifications

Fiona Ng Suneson

Managing Director, Singapore office

Fouzi Ouadhi


François Bellehumeur

Project Director

Frédéric Gallemand

Senior Director People and Organization

Gaetan Havart


Gary Texier


Geneviève Angio-Morneau

Head of Content

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