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Founded in 1958, GSM Project is a multidisciplinary design and production firm with offices in Montreal, Dubai, and Singapore.

We collaborate with partners across a variety of industries, including museums, science centres, brands, and real estate developers, to create unforgettable visitor experiences.

Featured project

Star Wars™ Identities

Conceived, designed, built, installed, and produced by GSM Project for Montreal-based travelling exhibit producer X3 Productions, and created in close collaboration with Lucasfilm and the Montréal Science Centre, Star Wars™ Identities has been seen by more than 2 million people and is poised to open in Singapore for the fourteenth and final stop on its world tour.

GSM Project is the complete package
From the earliest steps in the development process to the operation and production of blockbuster visitor experiences, we’re equipped to do it all.

Our expertise

In-house multidisciplinary team
Striving to provide better solutions to meet new and growing needs in exhibition design.

Company Profile

60 years of exhibitions,
more than 1000 projects,
in more than 120 cities,
all around the world

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