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The Gallop Extension

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Surface area
8234 sq ft / 765 m2
Completion date

The Gallop Extension project at the Singapore Botanic Gardens invites visitors to discover forest biodiversity and botany through the twin lenses of art and science.

Housed at 5 & 7 Gallop Road — two of Singapore’s oldest surviving colonial bungalows — the Botanical Art Gallery and Forest Discovery Centre offer historical and contemporary perspectives on the region’s impressive natural heritage.

A garden like no other

Welcoming over 4.5 million visitors annually, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is the only tropical botanic garden in the world to be honoured as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2021, the Gardens opened a new 8-hectare addition called the Gallop Extension, bringing the total area to 82 hectares.

Learning about local nature

The Forest Discovery Centre @OCBC Arboretum showcases the fascinating flora and fauna within Singapore’s flourishing ecosystems. The Centre also highlights the Garden City’s efforts to conserve forest biodiversity and protect this natural heritage for future generations.

Spotlight on trees

Trees are clearly critical to the balance of forest ecosystems. To convey this message in an impactful way, our team created a contemporary installation featuring elements from several tree species pieced together as one.

We also used 3D collage art to create a series of interpretive stations. Together, they form a lush, layered environment highlighting Singapore’s rainforests, mangroves, and coastal forests.

Where art meets science

The Botanical Art Gallery is Singapore’s first permanent display of botanical art. The exhibition highlights the important role art has played in the scientific documentation of local plant species, as well as its potential to inspire a renewed appreciation of our natural surroundings.

Visitors can admire over 2,000 botanical illustrations, a rich collection of artifacts, and hundreds of sketches, line drawings and photographs. Rare publications are showcased in custom-designed display cases with exquisite lighting and optimal preservation conditions.


Handpicked by the National Parks Board to transform two of Singapore’s oldest colonial bungalows into new galleries, GSM was commissioned with the master planning of both historical buildings. We were also awarded the design and curatorial mandate for the permanent exhibition and three temporary exhibitions, including supervision of fitout.

Our team rose to the challenge of transforming both historical bungalows into exhibit spaces, making the most of natural light while leaving the building structures and facades intact.