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Le Carré des vestiges

Pointe-à-Callière Museum
Surface area
3,142 sq ft / 2 150m2
Completion date

Part of the permanent Building Montréal exhibition, the Carré des vestiges multimedia show brings to life a key archaeological site marking the city’s founding.

At the start of the project, we spent a week on the site, conducting research and holding workshops with the Museum in order to understand the complexity of the archaeological crypt in which architectural layers from successive eras are overlaid and merged. We soon realized that visitors, like our team, would find this site difficult to read simply by observing the ruins. We decided that to engage visitors in a complex historical reading, we needed to create an exciting story using multimedia.

Opting for immersivity

Our team developed a dynamic light and sound show combining audio narration, animated images and a lighting design based on LED strips and synchronized video projections. The experience subtly conveys Montreal’s history, from the first Indigenous settlements to the arrival of the French to the development of the city over the ensuing centuries. The multimedia creations preserve the integrity of the ruins while offering visitors a memorable immersive experience.

GSM Project

With dynamic lighting and a simple narrative, we created a surprising, captivating account of centuries of history

GSM Project
A visual signature

In an instant, layers of light provide an overview of the major stages of Montreal’s evolution. Accompanying screens display illustrations and concise content about the six major historical periods portrayed. The installation is a cohesive whole, a story in itself.

GSM Project


In tandem with the Pointe-à-Callière team, we created a unique immersive experience within the Building Montréal exhibition, showcasing architectural remains through the use of technology and storytelling, and inviting visitors to (re)discover the city’s history.