2016, It's Been a Slice

Caroline Akysnczak

This year, we learned a lot of new things, including innovative ways to read a pdf on a laptop.

Jeremy Taylor

And of course, many meetings were held, although some looked a little more like parties.

Amélia Blondin

Our team travelled to many interesting places. Here's a photo of Content Director Jeremy Taylor & Creative Director Nicolas St-Cyr on a recent trip to Alaska where they met with the Anchorage Museum.

Fabien Lasserre

In 2016, after a few years of hard work, we saw the top floors of Place Ville Marie in Montreal transform from a construction site to an observation deck ready to welcome visitors.

Melanie Guilbault

Unveiling Au Sommet Place Ville Marie to our fellow Montrealers was a very proud moment.

Laurence Pasteels

This year, we officially opened our office in Dubai. Many team members relocated and new talent joined on to work on an exciting new project.

Simon Séguin

When they're not working, they've had a chance to roam Dubai, taking it all in. This photo was taken down by the port.

Olivier Blouin

Among our completed projects, the Museum of Ingenuity J. Armand Bombardier opened its doors this past May. Its always incredibly rewarding to see visitors interacting with the exhibitions we create.

Simon Séguin

And of course, no work trip would be complete without a visit to a museum. Over the course of this year, our team visited more exhibitions than we can keep track of. This photo was taken by Interactive Designer Simon Séguin on a visit to an exhibition in Qatar.

Laurence Pasteels

In 2016, GSM also got a little facelift: New colors, an updated font and a brand new website.

And our team visited some cool places including this colorful room (The obliteration room by Yayoi Kusama) at the Sharjah Art Foundation.

On September 21st, we celebrated Peace Day by sending out a message via our office windows. Here's a photo of our Singapore team creating their own mural several storeys above the city.

Melanie Guilbault

This year, we inaugurated gsm°talk, an event hosted at our Montreal office every two months. Three speakers are invited to share their thoughts and experiences on a given topic. At our fourth edition, film director Jérémie Battaglia spoke about the notion of perfection and directing the documentary film Parfaites.

Working on exhibitions means lots of site visits. In this photo, Content Director Maude Desjardins and Creative Director Laurence Pasteels visit the site of the Bank of Canada Museum in Ottawa.

One of our designers is seen here working on artefact showcases with the team at the Anchorage Museum.

Nicolas St-Cyr

Finally, because Star Wars will always be in our hearts (shout out to the travelling exhibition Star Wars Identities™), we were delighted to come across a parade featuring Stormtroopers on a recent trip to the Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando.