Processes are necessary but not enough: How relationship-building and cultural adaptation are at the core of what we do

GSM Project

François Bellehumeur, Project Director at GSM.

Table 1 - The 8 phases of our process.

Table 2 - Our old project management method

Table 3 - Our new project management method.

Olivier Blouin

“It’s so much about human relationship in these projects, understanding stakeholders and their influences and their expectations.”

François Bellehumeur

Project Director

Olivier Blouin

“There’s a dialogue between clients with realistic figures behind it, not just great concepts. It doesn’t serve the client to come up with an amazing design that they can’t afford.”

Olivier Blouin

“When we’re done, we have a drink at a launch event and everyone is happy. But then the real work for the client begins, they have a new exhibit that they need to live with it to bring visitors to. It’s important that they understand that we’re still around to help them.”

“We have processes and phases and names, but every project has its own specificity that you can't put in a box. We don’t have a rigid method to create a rigid outcome. We structure the work of course, but we adapt to client’s culture as much as possible.”

GSM Project

The revamped 40,000 sq ft Canadian History Hall opened in 2017 after a 4-year project lifecycle.

GSM Project

The new, 80,000 sq ft Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Science City in Patna, India will take under 2 years to complete, from concept to reality.