New approaches to authentic historical narratives: Part 2—Canadian History Hall

GSM Project

“This is the story of Canada, the stories of our country, what it is, and how it got that way. It’s a story of conflict, struggle, and loss; success, accomplishment, and hope. It’s all around us, and about us, and we shape its future.”

Canadian History Hall Content Development, Main Message

GSM Project

The first exhibit to greet visitors tells an Anishinabe creation story.

Canadian Museum of History

Members of the Arctic Bay community and the Inuit Heritage Trust attend a private unveiling ceremony in April 2017.

Witness Blanket

The Witness Blanket stands as a national monument to recognize the atrocities of the residential school era. It toured across Canada from 2015 to 2018.

Museum of Canadian History

The Gateway leading to the galleries of the Canadian History Hall.

Artist Beau Dick conducts a ceremonial prayer and dance in front of the St. Michael's Residential School in Alert Bay, B.C. as part of its demolition in 2015. Image: Witness Blanket