Happy 60th anniversary GSM!

GSM Project
GSM Project

The “Man and Life” pavilion designed by GSM Project for Montreal’s Expo ‘67

“I was happy to come work as a designer in Canada in the 60s. There was a sense of newness and possibility here, with big open spaces and skies, unlike the oppressive rainy mood in England.”

Dr. Lydia Ferrabee Sharman

Designer and Professor Emeritus at Concordia University

GSM Project

Musée de la Civilisation “Mémoires” exhibition, 1988, left, and an interior view, right.

Lonely Planet

“Designing a museum is an act of creation."

Yves Bergeron

Professor of Museology and Heritage, UQAM

Pointe-a-Callière, left, and Francine Lelièvre, right.

GSM Project

“There is always a challenge of timelessness in design. Contemporary elements will be contemporary for a century.”

Francine Lelièvre

Founder and Executive Director of Pointe à Callière

GSM Project

A still from the documentary short “The Story of Three Letters”

GSM 60 years
GSM Project

GSM Project celebrates Dubai style!

GSM Project celebrations in Montreal

GSM Project