An experience fit for an Olympian

GSM Project

A dynamic installation draws the eye upwards.

“Our goal was really to create a connection between the audience and the Canadian Olympic Committee, but also the athletes themselves.”

Nicolas St-Cyr

Creative Director

GSM Project

“One of the things that we always knew we needed in the space was a conductive element to link these three physically-disconnected spaces.”

Catherine Forand

Art Director

GSM Project

Media and Print Graphics Art Direction

“Rather than simply present the visitor with a text, or a screen or a poster, we found strategies to integrate the content into an engaging interactive, where they can get involved and create their own experience."

Anne Le Bouyonnec

Media & Interactive Producer

GSM Project

The immersive "Our Moment" zone.

“The final result exceeds our expectations. From the initial project to where it is today, the quality that we were able to achieve is so much deeper, greater. To see it taking form and coming alive, we’re really proud.”

Eric Myles

Executive Director of Sport, Canadian Olympic Committee

“We hope that the experience will be an inspiration about the importance of sports in our day-to-day lives, and also as an open door to the Canadian Olympic team, celebrating the athletes’ achievements and Olympic spirit.”

Katyna Rivard

Project Director, Olympic Experience, Canadian Olympic Committee